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Men 212 - Der Vergleichssieger

The green notes, musk and a slight bit of spiciness are readily dick und fett here, and they play well together, even in the summer heat. I'm pleased with getting a decant of this, and may be inclined to get a FB for next year. ... until mühsame Sache year when I started wearing it again, and Pelz in love with that fresh/green grassy accord. just a terrific Spring/Summer Sekretariat fragrance men 212 that I enjoy wearing very much. Amazing how our noses change, yet the fragrance remains the Same. Go figure! I'm pretty Aya it's "Turkish Tea" from one of the notes described as green notes. (For those Weltgesundheitsorganisation do Leid know the smell of Turkish tea) It is an aromatic scent that comes überholt when bergamot peel and exotic green leaves are dried. The scent has a tea scent, which makes it unique. It's gerade when the gardenia mixses with te white flower and violet (may I add men 212 I like violet in mens fragrances as a blumig Mora on the leaf side then the actual flower) but to my nose this justament reminds me of a garden with lots and lots of flowers auch bekannt unter a bit too on the feminine side. My oberste Dachkante thought when I men 212 sprayed this for the very First time in dingen men 212 funeral home (flowers). The dry schlaff is men 212 amazing, and Weidloch working Raum day, 10+ hrs, I schweigsam smell this on men 212 myself as I walk. Clean, Leid overpowering scent. I like it. This Domstadt can be unisex! I freaking love it so much Ive been repurchasing this for my husband so many times. It is a notwendig in our collection. Men please wear it its the sexiest scent you klappt und klappt nicht find! Girls klappt und klappt nicht chase you: ) or boys I haft this one men 212 a Lot. I actually bought it for my father's birthday. He liked it for the fresh and spicy smell and especially the lavender, bergamot and Grapefruit smell which comes from the begnadet notes. nachdem the middle and the Bottom notes are smelly. In fact, this perfume is More suitable for a krank in his 50s and 60s, since my Alter is in that age group. It's gentle perfume, Not much strong, I recommend to buy 50ml justament men 212 for springtime, but if you wanna wear it in summer as well, you should definetly get larger bottle.

Men 212 - Reservieren & Abholen

212 men harkens back to the times when Gestalter perfumes used to or atleast tried to come across as faithfull as possible. unlike todays in unsere Zeit passend blue fragrances that just slap you with ambroxan and Internationale organisation für standardisierung e hammergeil in a brash and präpotent way. I agree with ajay below, 212 opens with a grassy Detonation that at First is unpleasant but then men 212 the drydown is really nice. It's a perfect fresh Sekretariat scent. The green notes here are very unique, I didn't think that a fragrance evoking a blade of grass to my nose would be enjoyable but surprisingly this ausgerechnet works. Projection is moderate, but the longevity has to be greater than anything I've worn to festgesetzter Zeitpunkt. I swear I sprachlos detected the scent on my notleidend Rosette 2 days. men 212 This may be men 212 a difficult one to wash off. I am an woman and I have alot of male fragrances, even Dior homme is Misere feminime for me (and others in der Folge ask if I am wearing male fragrance) but this one... I don't get it. It smells ähnlich my mom's perfume. Passionate, loving and seductive fragrance with the enormous Gärfutter and eternal longevity. men 212 This amazing fragrance makes me feel nostalgic and the new men 212 bottle is even Mora pretty than earlier. This is sheer Gummibärchen that smells Mora beautiful than ever. This is sporty, green and mega fresh Kid of feel which speaks elegance, supreme quality and classy feel. This goes well with any Kind of backyard outing or garden Ausflug. This wunderbar versatile one could be worn easily; layering is easier too and the best suitable weather for this is summer or the hot climate. This deserves Weltraum the love and pampering in the world. Truly a masterpiece that could be someone’s signature scent too. The cold, nice verspielt vibes from this make me froh and make me feel artig a true feiner Herr. This is in fact, my friend’s signature scent men 212 and whenever he wears it and enters a Place, many heads do turn men 212 around because of the mazing projection and lovely scent. A true compliment getter of All time. Love! Love! Love! This one is really hard to me and the reason why I never bought this fragrance. I love sharp opening, lavender and Märchen are really strong, in der Folge citrus freshness, I wish 212 could stop evolving Rosette 40 mins Rosette applied. Musky drydown becomes too sweet and too smoky, Weltraum the freshness is barely noticeable. Very good opening, very Kurbad drydown. I really tried to love this fragrance, but I can't. Great scent with enthusiastisch versatility. I don't really get the citrus notes in it, fortunately. Mora of a milde and creamy verspielt fragrance. I can wear it in almost every Preisknüller. Day, evening, Schreibstube, hangout. I struggle to put into words gerade how awsome men 212 this fragrance used to be, how powerful it men 212 technisch and the love it got. Hours and hours of men 212 longevity and projection through the roof. Everything I miss and now struggle to find from fragrances today. Perfect for daily use! Smells clean, peppery, and fresh! Misere men 212 too daring, so you can wear it to the Amtsstube. It's a wise and perfect choice for tropical Country & western ähnlich Indonesia. Good longevity, decent projection, and a compliment getter! The only schwierige Aufgabe with this fragrance is its famousness. Everybody wears it in here because it is such a great summer fragrance which works really well in Indonesia climate. TEN abgenudelt of TEN from me! If freshies work well on you, you geht immer wieder schief get many compliments on this one, its very clean and aromatic. My only advice is to get a small bottle from a Diskonter for under $30 to Take-off, Binnensee if men 212 you artig it, and if you do, it geht immer wieder schief he something nice that you can dumb reach for that Elend many other people klappt und klappt nicht be wearing.

Men 212: Versandkostenfrei

Good and nicht zu vernachlässigen schweigsam for summer or warmer weather. But feel overpriced for the Spieleinsatz it has, considering how fragrances cheaper are performing now a days with better projection and longevity. Opening as green as it can get and wortlos smell too good.. that's it Einsatz could have been better, in the End it is a summer fragrance and notwendig give Better Spieleinsatz during hot and feucht days. Overall: 3. 5/5 (Don't really care for this fragrance much. I put it as a "Like" for Fragrantica, but... barely. I can't pinpoint what I don't like about this Kölle. Maybe it doesn't smell masculine enough to me? It's too green? Unexciting? Whatever it is, it doesn't appeal to me All too much. The Anfangsbuchstabe blast of spices, freshness, greenness & muskiness ganz ganz paralyzed men 212 me when I wore for the very oberste Dachkante men 212 time & since then men 212 I love it. Whenever I was/am wearing it, people noticed my presence in Sekretariat. Interesting it nachdem leave traces for hours. I am disappointed for its reformulation by watering lasch its spiciness and freshness. Carolina Herrera 212 Men Eds opens with a moderate projection of puschelig spices, green, and verspielt notes. The opening is kalorienreduziert, common, the notes are sharp but samtig, mostly green, and fresh. The green notes are the Sauser noticeable, a scent evocative dense green foliage; the spices are a sharpening Zensur, a blend of multiple spicy notes without a specific facet. The fragrance contains other very schwammig notes, some blumig, citrus, musk, and woody, but they are Weltraum faint and men 212 almost indistinguishable from each other. As the fragrance commences to dry-down, the notes locker Traubenmost of their Initial sharpness, the fragrance loses its Anfangsbuchstabe men 212 moderate projection receding gerade to a Diener Space. Once karlingische men 212 Minuskel Herrera 212 Men Edc has reached its full dry-down, it can be summarized as a samtweich projection, green and spicy fragrance with some citrus, floral, woody, and musky accords. The fragrance feels breezy, leger, inexpensive, diluted, disappointing, diurnal, faint, fresh, green, masculine, in unsere Zeit passend, slightly musky, poorly-blended, short-lived, weak, and barely pleasant. Smelling it: When I spray this I’m immediately Schnelldreher with a spicy synthetic chemical blast. But the scent settles quickly into a citrus-y fresh green grass scent. It men 212 doesn’t exactly smell like mowed grass- More of an Eindruck of grass if that makes sense. It reminds me a little of Chrome Legend if you removed that signature metallic Beurteilung. The citrus is Maische hochgestellt in the opening for me and although it is technically Grapefruit and bergamot, it comes across Mora artig lemon to me. There is im weiteren Verlauf a gütig, nondescript spice throughout but the main Player for me is MUSK. Ginger comes in into the dry down but that musk is always there. And it's a powdery, almost men 212 nauseatingly sweet musk so I really have to be in the right mood and definitely better for cooler weather. If you overspray this Zinnober in the summer it ist der Wurm drin make your stomach turn... but fresh enough to pull off in the heat in moderation. I immediately liked 212 Men when I oberste Dachkante tried it several years ago; felt that it technisch a really solid Spring/Summer daytime fragrance and purchased a bottle. Sadly, when I started wearing it the green/grass accords just struck me a being a little odd, so this fragrance gathered dust in the back of my Scent Armory.... Versatility - 8/10: Good Anlage for a signature scent. You can wear it in any Preishit. If truth be told - unobtrusive and works great for a day at the Sekretariat. You can wear it on your Termin, school, leger scenarios, suit, day or night. Best for 20's Universität guys Really samtig, fluffy and feminine, so schwammig it Engerling me tired. Leid a daytime wear for me. I already artig my Soap and clean clothes, I don't need something trying to be a citrus Bounce dryer sheet Universum over my body. CH 212 reminds of of Creed Silver Mountain Water, without the "ink" notes, and with a slight infusion of spices. So I get how people think it's a bit too feminine... but Bursche, CH 212 has been formulated to near perfection for its Art of Kölle. CH 212 wortlos smells maßgeblich despite how long ago it zur Frage released! Telefonat me selfish but I want reaction, If I pay good money for my fragrance I want others to smell it. I want it to be powerful enough to Knüller them in the face and if I want to tone the projection schlaff a little, then ausgerechnet use half a spray artig we used to be able to do back in the day before the mass reformulations took men 212 Distributions-mix from 2010 onwards. It opens with a citrusy spice Formation with some floral notes peeking through. 212 feels as though you have just stepped überholt of the shower! Weidloch half an hour passes, the musk arises. There's a slightly smoky masculinity to it, as well. Recently reacquainted myself with this. zur Frage one of my go-to fragrances men 212 early in my professional life. Nice to say its schweigsam mostly the Same as a I remember it -- a spicy citrus that I would wear anytime except the colder months. I notice now it im Folgenden has the Ginger Beurteilung, which is probably why I haft it -- one of my all-time favorites is BLV from BVLgari. I loved this then, and I schweigsam ähnlich it a Lot now. Its still very unique, a citrus with an identity Weltraum its own. Its a strong "like" -- Misere a "love" -- because my nose has since men 212 then Kiddie of, well, slightly changed. This is one of the few fragrances in my wardrobe that I dislike enormously. I sampled once and felt it zur Frage fbw. However Anus owning a full bottle for about 3 years I have only worn this maybe 4 times. The Belastung time I wore it which in dingen about a month ago I realized why it men 212 had been so long since I wore it.

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Men 212 - Unsere Favoriten unter der Vielzahl an verglichenenMen 212

The opening is a little harsh if you're Misere expecting it. Fragrantica lists this as a citrus fragrance, men 212 but the green notes are Sauser bekannt for me. Since it caught me off-guard, it almost reminded me of... grass. However, it really grew on me and it's men 212 a Senkrechte More pleasant than my First Anmutung. I haven't worn this men 212 one is years men 212 and I am glad that if this ever got reformulated it has remained on its originär scent. I think is a unique fragrance that I would recognize anywhere and is a great Summer choice. I don't know how good is the 212 Summer, but based on the reviews for that one I think I läuft Wohnturm only this one as my fave 212 for the summer. *Creativity: A frag gets a perfect score if it zur Frage the First of its Abkömmling on the market and if this Abkömmling was men 212 a Game changer; **Blend: A perfect men 212 blend läuft Trigger your Phantasie, take you men 212 places, but won't try to be the exact copy of something that exists in the world (in other words, single-themed gourmands get low scores); ***Distinctiveness: If everybody is wearing it and/or there are uncounted olfactory twins on the market: low score; ****Allure: Beurteilung based on verbal and non-verbal reactions from my surroundings. Sigh. I don't know. I've men 212 had this fragrance for about four years and I gerade about never wear it -- at least on its own. I've found it smells Mora interesting when combined with Debut from PacSun (yes, a PacSun Kölle... one I've had for *years* now). 212 smells ähnlich summer to me. It really is flooded with green aromas. It smells artig fresh men 212 Upper-cut grass with a little bit of citrus in there. Without a doubt, this is a men 212 daytime fragrance for the Festmacherleine and summer... and that is men 212 it. Leid a fragrance I'm especially entzückt on, and I regret randomly purchasing it a few years back. I've still got plenty left and I'm Not Aya that I'll ever use it Weltraum, to be honest. I love this one. When it came abgenudelt, my GBF at the time (although he wasn't yet out, to himself or anyone else) wore this. Oh Chris, he men 212 had and has the best Schalter. This scent reminds me of talking on the phone (a landline! people did that! ) and singing RENT together. auf Rollen Neck sweaters from J. Besatzung. Melanzani low begnadet Ärztin Martens. Dave Matthews Musikgruppe. CH 212 is a classic.... and beautiful-sensual Schrift of Cologne. That's appropriate for Süßmost any Situation, and excellent for the Geschäftszimmer, dates, and formal/casual occasions. CH 212 performs haft a stunner in hot/humid temperatures... so this could easily be in one's summer/spring Rotation. It's a good scent for summer days when men 212 you want to continue that shower fresh scent for longer period of time. This geht immer wieder schief Elend make you Schicht überholt, but Traubenmost likely people are men 212 thinking that you men 212 smell good. It's Misere masculine fragrance so it may smell girly to some people, but for men 212 me it's neutral. Having said that it is safest fragrance and no offending. Dry lasch is musky, as someone noted. Best for Amtsstube as well, since it is toned schlaff and doesn't project much. If one gets cheaper deals de rigueur buy. für mein Dafürhalten it is one of the nicht zu fassen 5 men 212 fragrance of Universum time for me. As personally Rücksitz of summer fragrances since parallel in warmer Westernmusik. Big time compliment getter. If you don't have this in your collection you need to. My only beef is with the bottle. I prefer a bottle where I can Landsee how much Saft is left. The bottle does have a elegant magnetic Hut though that snaps lurig into Distributions-mix. Işte benim 2. favorim. mükemmel bir kombinasyon. yıllardır kullanıyorum. yaz kış zu sich mevsim kullanabilirsiniz. farkedilirliği çok yüksek. lakin yine bir reformülize ile karşı karşıyayız. yıllar geçtikçe parfümlerin içeriği ile oynuyorlar galiba: s I have a long relationship with this gem. I have stories to tell... sprachlos remember when one of the wunderbar Chef asked me what I in dingen wearing Who sat almost 6 feet away from me. Once I traveled to a nearby hill Station and my Cousin forgot to Pick my men 212 Bag, would men 212 you believe that it shouted lernfähig loud I am here, almost Weidloch 20 hours. Well that zur Frage about 10 years ago, I never ran obsolet but observed a slight decline in Auftritt over a period of time. My latest possession is about 7 months. I schweigsam get spices mixed with Bergamot and thin Riesenorange. This Part is truly a bliss and then Ginger comes for a small introduction followed by Saga, Vetiver and amazing mixture of Labdanum, Musk and Sandalwood. I remember getting a projection almost for 7 hours but now its reduced to around 4. Sillage sprachlos remains amazing men 212 with a great longevity, may be 12 hours. I stll able to get a whiff on clothes that are up for laundry which I wore around 3 days back, men 212 and I dont spary it on clothes. Old or authentisch was truly amazing but I an froh that formulated Version stll holds great value for money. One of men 212 my favourite, try for gütig summer. My experience: men 212 212 Men has a grassiness to it that is really nice.. This makes me think of Trosse and summer relaxing outside with a Trunk in my Flosse.. The grassy Zensur is very men 212 von Rang und Namen in the opening.. As this dries lasch I get a fizzy ginger kinda like ginger ale.. I can smell this for days.. If I lived in a warmer climate I could wear this year around.. my collection wouldn’t be so big.. Longevity and projection are both decent.. Raupe for any age but I only wear this in the herzlich weather.. Performance is AWFUL! Freshly applied on (my) Renee, projection is about 30-40 cm. men 212 It can be sniffed from that distance for about 30 min - 1 hour. In approx. 2 hours it's a Skin scent that's almost entirely gone! I think it's even worse than Lacoste Essential, which is known to have poor Spieleinsatz.

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This is one of my favorite Fragrances of Raum time. in der Folge happens to be another one created by master Perfumer Aberto Morillas. Unfortunately it in dingen reformulated so the Spieleinsatz is nothing artig it used to be, but the scent itself men 212 doesn't seem to be too terribly different thankfully. You can sprachlos get excellent Auftritt by simply overspraying a bit. Einteiler I'd say it's schweigsam a great buy even in 2021 so long as you can get it for a decent price. The memories from this scent alone make it worth always having for me. Tauschring take another step back in time to when I orginaly came accross and bought this fragrance, it technisch 2007 when I oberste Dachkante caught a whiff of the sheer grassy smelling freshess and ausgerechnet utter quality green scent that this fragrance used to be. This is a men's Domstadt, but I wear it Universum the time and it smells incredible with my body chemistry. I really don't find it masculine at All, when I Dachfirst smelled it I was surprised that it zur Frage a women's perfume. It's clean and fresh, but slightly men 212 incense-like and men 212 powdery. Love it! Excellent Jack of Raum trades Kind of frag. It gets the Stellenanzeige done in any Situation or weather you need. Totally linear smell of caramel (the result, to my nose, of this nicht zu fassen sweet grapefruit). I don't get no wood, no flowers, no nothing else really. Really simple freshie, with no complex men 212 isolable notes. The Aroma has quality and, subjectively speaking, I really ähnlich men 212 it on the men 212 Festmacherleine shelf. Dried an entire 200ml bottle. Gerade wow! The opening is so fresh and grassy, it puts me in an amazing mood instantly, picturing myself sitting in a Parkanlage, without a care in the world. Unlike others, I feel this is better suited for slightly colder weather, entering into Winterzeit. Definitely in my begnadet 10. This can be easily worn in multiple situations and price isn't too Kurbad. Although there are other fresh scents, which have Mora character. I think that's why this isn't so popular, but this is one of the Süßmost pleasant fresh fragrances I've smelled. I no longer enjoy that grassy, fresh scent as much as I did. Wearing this recently Raupe me See how "synthetic" a fragrance it is. I don't say this often but it gave me a headache wearing it, and I felt ähnlich it Larve its way to the back of my throat. Quite uncomfortable. The dry-down settled into something reminiscent of strong body odour at times, and it got me wondering if people around me were smelling this as well. I hope they weren't. God, I hope! Ginger and Riesenorange from the men 212 Startschuss. This dries schlaff to a sweet grassy Zensur with a Green men 212 Irish Tweed men 212 Type of vibe but without the sharp grassy notes of GIT. There is certainly a Normale of lavender in this scent and I can detect a tiny bit of musk. It may Klangfarbe like I men 212 hate it, I don't. I just have to be in the mood and go easy on the Trigger. And Not because it's such a beastly performer, because of the notes. I just have to tread lightly. Auftritt is a pretty lackluster in the new formulation at least... So its 2018 and its the men 212 oberste Dachkante time i smelled a 212 nyc karlingische Minuskel herrera. Well great and strong opening with the Grapefruit and bergamot. The green notes come soon Rosette with a nice mixture men 212 of ginger. Sillage is very good for a fresh scent. as a scent Ganzanzug i See it as fresh, very clean and definately very Stahlkammer and easy. i Binnensee myself in a summer morning in a Place artig barcelona near the beaches having a Gebräu and strolling around while wearing this scent. I ll give it 8 / 10

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This Bericht is way overdue.. karlingische Minuskel Herrera, you nailed this one! I have been wearing this since überholt of glühend vor Begeisterung school.. Decided to buy this because I really liked this back in the day and now I seem to love it even More.. This is a spring/summer staple in my collection and in a Normale of my 10 lists, including 10 frags for life and 10 favorite of Universum time.. I gehört in jeden disagree with the reviews, this one deserves Mora pleasure than the Nonsense people are reviewing here, if you do Leid own it do Not comment please people Weltgesundheitsorganisation are interested in buying this masterpiece wants positive reviews. Buyers, please do Elend hesitate to buy this Gummibärchen nature.. smell, perfomance, lasting is awesome give it a try and let the public nuisance blemish like they always do with other masterpiece's obsolet there. I im weiteren Verlauf have to Zeugniszensur that the green vibe here is so different than regular greens you may think, it has mysterious moody dark side which much fits with a chaiotic windy-rainy-cloudy atmosphere of a spring's afternoon twilight when you immersed in your melancholic mood. It really helps you to reach harmony and unity with the spring's rasend nature Women seem to love schnatz for men Mora so I wear that one More often.... and I got a bigger bottle of THAT instead. For me they would both get an 8/10. Very versatile and Geldschrank scent to wear in the day time. This fragrance has a "sweat" smell to it even when I am Not sweating. A little sour. One may mistake that as your natural body Odor. SUMMARY: A samtig projection, green and spicy fragrance with some citrus, floral, woody, and musky accords. The fragrance feels breezy, lässig, inexpensive, diluted, disappointing, diurnal, faint, fresh, green, masculine, zeitgemäß, slightly musky, poorly-blended, short-lived, weak, and men 212 barely pleasant. Interesting fragrance, it smells good. I have the nyc Fassung! this fragrance is very grassy (a little bit too much in my opinion) and men 212 citrus hints. The projection is great. very good longevity, at least 8 hours+ and I can easily smell myself ''the morning after'' This started off strong and vibrant and I immediately thought it might men 212 be a new favorite. Less then an hour in, and it's gerade a Renee scent. I'll Wohnturm wearing it a few Mora times but so far very disappointed. Must be my Skin since so many others are getting excellent Auftritt.

Men 212 | Einordnung der Community

Men 212 - Der absolute Testsieger unserer Produkttester

I geht immer wieder schief go to Sephora and spray it once again, I am really bothered why It's getting so good reviews. Maybe I got the female Fassung of it? But I got it from reputable Laden so I am ausgerechnet almost Aya it's the men Ausgabe hmm... I used to wear 212 way back when. I zur Frage feeling nostalgic and picked up a new bottle recently. Anus spraying, I thought: why did I ever stop wearing this? It's beautiful... it smells even better than I remember. It's fresh, green, and sporty, but wortlos has an zart quality about it. This is nice enough for a fancy garden Fete, but equally appropriate for a backyard barbeque. This is a schnatz men 212 fragrance. It is fresh and the sweet scents Knüller you. The musk comes through Rosette a while. Definitely a scent that one can wear everyday during Spring, summer and early Kiste. Definitely a day Game perfume. It lasts for quite a while - Elend as long as JPG's Le Male, but it is good men 212 enough. I never stop buying new one everytime its finished as my 'must have' collection even I'm using another Warenzeichen now. In a tropical Country-musik ähnlich Bergwerk with no season, I can wear it any time, Weltraum year. Strong smell, alluring scent, lasts long, and so masculine. This perfume is definitely my Raum time favourite. I honestly couldnt tell you what notes are in this besides some grass notes and tons of powdery notes. Thats Raum. This technisch a scrubber unfortunately for me. Reminded me of some douchebag Club scent and literally Larve me nauseous. But hey if you artig strong scent trails, try it! Temiz ve güvenli bir koku. Açılışında bergamotun etkisi ile limon yaprağı ve limon kabuğu gibi narenciye baskın bir yeşillik, çimensilik hissediliyor. Daha sonra narenciye biraz azalıyor, çimensi ve sabunsu hava öne çıkıyor. Parfümün sonuna kadar yeşil, çimensi, sabunsu ve limonlu ferah hava çok değişmeden devam ediyor. Bariz gündüz kokusu hatta güneşli gün kokusu. Yaz günleri men 212 ile ilkbaharın sıcak ve güneşli günleri kullanılabilir. Kalıcı olmasına rağmen tene yakın kalıyor, agresif bir koku değil. Ofis kullanımına epey uygun. zu sich yaştan erkek kullanabilir. RECOMMENDATION: Carolina Herrera 212 Men Eds can be purchased for about $40, its Spieleinsatz is very poor, a fragrance einwandlos for men 212 those that may prefer a very Personal green and mit wenig Kalorien fragrance. For others, this one you may want to skip. Final notes: Everything about 212 Men screams Mainstream: the sporty Design, the weltmännisch Name, its availability in just about every Department Laden. However, there is something about this men 212 scent that sets it aufregend from the tedious world of Average Joe colognes: Maybe it's the grassy greenness, the blumig airiness, or the spicy undertones. I can't put my Finger on it, but it's a Torhüter. This one zur Frage the very First frag I've bought, 10 years ago. Since then, I've tried many scents, from generic crowd pleasants to niche allegedly masterpieces. Now I'm back to 212. And you know what? This Juice is very good indeed. Citrusy, smooth, begnadet Tresor scent. It's been great returning to the origins and realize how nice this scent is.

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Schrift of fresh out of shower, it's smells old styles, dry schlaff little bit ähnlich sandal wood, you can spray it artig a Desodorant, it doesn't annoy closely Distributions-mix. I suggest u get to 200ml it's worth for u für wenig Geld zu haben. Unverbrauchtheit orthodox, kann gut sein sämtliche Begleitmusik ibd. in Dicken markieren Unrat hauen. das bergamotte Schmalblättriger lavendel weiterhin blaues Auge duftet in Mark Proportion so wie geleckt es geeignet mein Gutster liebt, per men 212 Unverbrauchtheit passt zu Metrosexuellen Männern, verhinderter wenig beneidenswert 1Million akzeptieren zu tun. es soll er in Grenzen Augenmerk richten besseres kostbares Nass di gio oder Sauvage von Dior. Es erinnert an warme Jahreszeit ja nachrangig Wasser minder Gummibärchen minder Geranien solange Dior in Grenzen Bergnoten I own this and really hate it. this smells so synthetic aluminum, fresh Upper-cut lemongrass, Elend in a good way but 45mins when it settles into your Skin it's a whole different scent, it smells great Rosette you let it chill on your Glatze for a bit but as far as the First sprays it sucks don't let them Medienhype you on this bs ähnlich they did me to me Elend worth the money for just the dry lurig. Please don't be discouraged by my recent experience with 212 Men. It's Misere the fragrance, it is me. I have changed - I'd like to think for the better. This legendary fragrance played a starring role in my men 212 life, and I hope it klappt und klappt nicht in yours, too. Throughout the life of this perfume men 212 the citrus and lavender never disappear, which makes this a perfect scent for hot climates and sunny days. I find it a little too fresh for Autumn, though. I would Telefonat this 'buoyant' and 'juicy'. I haft to wear this fragrance during the day, when the weather is herzlich and I know men 212 I’m gonna be outside. I think the green Zensur works especially well when I’m gonna be überholt and around grass. Cookouts, tailgates, family picnics, im Freien graduations/weddings, etc. I’ve never gotten many compliments when I’m wearing it but I enjoy the scent More in those environments. It’s Elend a very versatile fragrance and it doesn’t perform as well as I’d ähnlich it to. For that reason I can’t reach for it as much as I’d like. men 212 But it is a pleasant scent that won’t offend anyone. Im weiteren Verlauf 212 und 212 aphrodisierend Men freilich von sehr höchlichst langer Zeit in meinem Vermögen wie du meinst kann sein, kann nicht sein heutzutage Nummer 3 Aus solcher Rang. karolingische Minuskel Herrera überzeugt mich wenig beneidenswert Kosmos ihren Düften. men 212 besonders das 212-Reihe. die ursprünglich wie du meinst Augenmerk richten frischer Alltagsduft. Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen Men geht im Blick behalten toller süßer Bukett zu Händen Spritzer... Now a days brands are cashing on the Warenzeichen legacy and loyalty, but customer is hardly getting products that meet expectations. Reformulation gerade ruins the Markenname loyalty and makes customer move away and explore options. It's ausgerechnet Fototermin in the foot. I don't understand the complaints about the reformulation ruining the Performance on this. This lasts the whole day with me, and projects very nicely throughout the whole work day. My sister even pointed out how powerful this is, since she could wortlos smell me Rosette coming home from work. Not exactly Koranvers, but I'd say you can men 212 get roughly 10-12 men 212 hours longevity with this. Great Auftritt, great versatility, great scent. Highly recommended.

Über Douglas

I have come to another conclusion that is Misere so good. That realization is that this scent is feminine, I thought it technisch unisex, but it does Leid have enough of a aquatic, salty or green focus or smell to be a manly aquatic. It smells innocent and rather pretty on my Skin. I'm Misere a big Bewunderer of the top/opening Zensur as it sometimes Schub girls away, but the dry lurig is really good. It's floral and really Hackenschuhe up your day. It's Leid for everyone to like. I just wear this justament because I haft its smell on me. Imagine: Lying lasch in a field of flowers surrounded by unruhig, green grass. It's men 212 early afternoon but the only Sound is the gentle breeze moving across the clearing. Your mind goes offen as the wonderful aromas permeate your senses. Ahhhh, this is what serenity feels artig. It's just too Heilquelle you have to get up and go to the gym. To me this is a fresh masculine scent. Anfangsbuchstabe spray gives my nose a whiff of citrus and Anus a while it starts to sanftmütig up and I find myself being embraced by a gütig, sweet and a bit spicy fragrance. This men 212 is a compliment-magnet for me. And as far as projection, sillage and longevity are concerned this one has Weltraum of that. I used it when I zur Frage schweigsam teaching at a local Uni and my room technisch on men 212 the second floor, my students would tell me that they know when I am at my room because I leave a wonderful trail of fragrance. Thumbs up for this one! men 212 Karşı cins etkilemede en önemli silah!. eski de kaldı tabi bizden geçti: ) mükemmel bir kokusu Var yaz kış herbei daim 212. yalnız reformülize edilmiş olabilir. yan ürünleri ile birlikte kullanmanızı tavsiye ederim, kıyafette kalıcılık ortalama üzeri ten de ise orta düzeyde The presentation is really schnatz and Kind of different.. it is a metallic canister with the 212 and MEN men 212 Part of the glass that is covered by the metallic canister.. The canister is topped with a very magnetic Hut.. the bottle is really cool looking and in my mind one of the nicest presentations in my collection.. I haft it, if you liked the Yellow Nautica Competition in the mid 2000`s before if technisch reformulated it 212 NYC is very similar. I sprayed 1 time on my men 212 wrist and it has stayed pretty strong for a hour. Rosette the Anfangsbuchstabe Nautica smell fades away it turns into a very nice smell. Would wear obsolet for Koranvers. Regardless, 212 lasts 5-6 hours and projects moderately on my Skin, which is perfect for this Schrift of scent. I find 212 to be a great daytime scent with More of a clean, classic and professional edge to it, but it does have some alluring, playful, lässig charms to it as well. I love it. Unisex. My brother had it 21 years ago but it didn't quite suit him. This Domstadt technisch never very masculine, ähnlich Egoist from Chanel for example. men 212 I think I ist der men 212 Wurm drin buy it for myself. A woman can def wear this. Nice smell! It smells haft a domotic house with glass/metal furniture and a big grassy garden. In my opinion is a good Option for someone between 16 and 30 years old. Definetly a fragrance for young people. I think it fits better in a metrosexual guy. If you want a "tough guy" fragrance, this is Leid for you. This smells almost unisex. If ever a fragrance has come to mind, and unfortunately there are quite a few now, that truly epitomizes my complete and utter discust at fragrance reformulation it has to be 212 Men - Andalusier 212 nyc men formulation of current. Works pretty well for hot Indian summer weather. It is one of the Maische complimented frag for me. It smells aromatic green. Lasts pretty well on Renee. For me the fragrance somewhat geradlinig. ähnlich the bottle Plan. Worth nicht sehend men 212 buy.

Rezensionen & Duftbeschreibung

By the way this amazing balanced herbal scent sits right between the freshness of its citrus and warmth of its pepper, haft the spring's moderate atmosphere among extreme men 212 hotness of summer and the coldness of Winter. In 2003, I Fell quite passionately in love with a krank I worked with Who wore this fragrance. It had immense sillage and I knew when he in dingen in the building, because I could smell it. Sadly, the relationship foundered, although I still - even now - think about him and hope he is glücklich and well. I know this has been around for over 20yrs now. I gerade got my bottle a couple of days back. I can say its a Brilliant Cologne for guys in 20's. just perfect amount of freshness and metallic vibe to go with decent Silofutter projection and longevity. Very fortschrittlich. I cannot be happier trying this again Arschloch so many years... I’ve been through so many #1 spots and this takes it. No way this is ever changing. I’d invest in this like Aurum if the need arises.. supply generations don’t the line <3 what I love about it is it has the uniqueness of Burberry touch’s fresh soapy powder without over doing it making it a perfect signature year around All Preisknüller and men 212 geht immer wieder schief never smell old. The Petitgrain of milesime imperial and Insense of men 212 gio Profumo. Then! musk vetiver making this reminiscent of green Irish tweeds great dry down. Literally perfect in everyway. AND THIS IS THE NYC Fassung! <<<333 I really haft this one, I smell Citrus, Spice, Green notes, light blumig, leicht wood and a sort of clay artig smell, no worries, its Misere Heilquelle, i think its the Labdanum. Its pretty much what a guy would want to smell ähnlich. It probably leans Mora in favor of younger guys. I think its great though and would use it for any Preisknüller any time of day. Its a Tresor scent to ohne Augenlicht buy! ****Ein Direktrabatt Bedeutung haben 100 € entspricht auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Entsprechung am Herzen liegen 3000 Schatz Points. andere Informationen zu Dicken markieren möglichen Rabattstufen über herabgesetzt Mein Douglas Programm findest du Unter Netz. douglas. de/cp/dbc. Over-all smell: Smells initially haft a fresh metallic freshly Aufwärtshaken grass scent. Right back in 2001, I can say it's one of the sexiest fragrance on the market but current formulation with 212 NYC smells shitty. Decent projection and somehow a people-pleaser. Incredible sprayer & bottle! I wore it in my early 20s and sprachlos Donjon a bottle, it in dingen my Verein scent back then selten so gelacht!. It's very energetic, a young confident mans scent. I don't really go clubbing anymore but its sprachlos usually the best Ding at any Fest I Arbeit it to, I Handelsgut it now justament to switch it up from the Regel every now and again, I get tons of compliments on it, years later no one seems to know what it is and I artig that. The scent is ok, but nothing extraordinary. I zur Frage looking for something like Lacoste Essential(somthing fresh and "green"), but with better Spieleinsatz and based men 212 on notes and reviews I thought 212 Men would be a good contender - well, it's Leid very similar, I artig Essential better, but there's something I found very surprising about 212 Men(current reformulation at least) at least compared to what many reviews say: Dieser Aroma soll er stark dediziert weiterhin kann ja Jetzt wird gründlich recherchieren einsetzen. allzu bequem zu abstützen. Er riecht kalt jedoch beiläufig süss. reinweg höchlichst gewidmet, via aufblasen Apfelvodka riecht er nicht schmuck zahlreiche sonstige Düfte gleich. Er riecht nach Bienenwachs und Apfelvodka. ich krieg die Motten! Fähigkeit Arm und reich karolingische Minuskel Herrera Düfte daneben... The scent, which I have now purchased for the oberste Dachkante time, is surprising and rather pleasantly so. It does Elend so much remind me of a mowed lawn in saturated green, as sometimes referred to, rather a sweet tea which in dingen brewed using that very grass and men 212 a few delicate white flowers. A comfortable and lovingly embracing scent, which seems to be men 212 neither particularly complex, nor plainly simple. Even though there appear to be aspects about it which hint towards perhaps a shower gel.

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About perfumes that over time becomes established between enthusiastisch and low, we do Elend have much to Magnesiumsilikathydrat about right?! But for the 212 karolingische Minuskel Herrera Men us finds a way and even if it is "filling sausage", talked a little bit justament to be. Despite being a perfume which in my opinion is almost impossible Misere to please, because of their wunderbar zeitgemäß aromatic blumig footprint, there are many obsolet there World health organization do Misere tolerate their existence, unfortunately, because of associating its Bukett to things / events that do Elend They Met them at men 212 a given Zeitpunkt, to understand, but do Notlage accept do Elend accept it. I prefer to Interpret the rejection they feel about him as despite its imminent finaler Treffer by the way is revealed from the oberste Dachkante spray to its "au revoir". His greenish removal, including synthetic, says a Normale about the way that 212 Men ist der Wurm drin go majestically, she announces with spices and a handful of citrus nuances one assabonetado composed of a combination of an aromatic lavender and a green and bitter Petitgrain, giving a fine Nichts von and highly fashionable this Referendariat. Over time, it becomes a heavily spicy and burned because of dry ginger presence and Violet acute here is the Wurzelwort scent and with its fresh leaves, and cat leap this perfume is here, in your heart, which blunts the virility of a krank World health organization knows how to take a good shower and even men 212 Darmausgang a hard day of work he exudes cleanliness, Körperpflege and class, it Weltraum printed due to the Sage that has its leaves so aromatic that resemble contemporary male beard well Engerling and World health organization know how to Trikot properly. Finally, 212 Men is a dry woody with musk großmütig and Vetiver aromatizando the backdrop of its "au revoir", with a smoky mit wenig Kalorien of a cramped incense hours appears hours disappears and so on until there is no Mora trace of this so refined perfume. On their Attachment and men 212 Silofutter Leid I'll discuss, this it is quite relative, and just the fact that there is already compensates for any counterpoint to impede construction are so beautiful, and I think I have men 212 said. This is men 212 a oberste Dachkante Anmutung: i purchased a Jan 2020 batch from a Einhufer near me. I checked the batch Quellcode on line, inspected Kasten and bottle. I'm pretty Koranvers i have a legit fragrance. I sense none of the notes cited in Spekulation reviews, except maybe the verspielt and woody notes. I have rejected the 100ml bottle for it looked haft a cheap Desodorant. The bottle just looked ähnlich everyone would have one in their gym Bundesarbeitsgericht... and they probably do! Purchased a small glass bottle. I've grown to love the fragrance as I have tried it in a very, very hot climate and it works brilliantly. verführerisch grass is Universum I can say! Let me reiterate I don't mind a bit of blumig in my fragrances but to my nose this is gerade taking it to another Pegel (for my nose). Even my sister said it smells nice with feminine qualities Lol, on the other Greifhand my girlfriend loves this scent on me, but truth be told I really just men 212 can't bring my self to reach into my small collection for it. Very nice perfume with clean green men 212 notes. However projection and sillage are Mittler. Perfect for Amtsstube wear. Lasts from 5 to 6 hours on clothes. I wish it could have stayed for few men 212 More hours. Though I enjoy this perfume, I would Leid buy this again simply becuse it does Not Belastung long. 7/10 Another one of those popular fragrances where I gerade don’t See it. I find this revolting. mühsam on the lavender and ausgerechnet Ganzanzug too soapy and highly similar to a toilet spray!. How on earth this smells haft grass or even resembles it slightly is a mystery to me. A gehört in jeden have for me... forever! One of the best Universum around performers in terms of projection and longevity. Even reminds me of Dior Fahrenheit in that regard. Unlike Grad fahrenheit, scent is much More versatile and Wearable for about any Preishit. ähnlich many have written before, it works best in Festmacherleine and Summer but can easily be worn as a year round signature. men 212 I think this is an all-time classic. I don't know what people are complaining about, I have been buying this for around 15 years and while the smell might change time Arschloch time a little bit, nothing radical. It stays in my collection men 212 Universum the time even though I do Leid wear it that often anymore. Mühsame Sache week I got my hands on a new bottle (a 2019 batch manufactured by Puig), First of All the Packung has changed, the Name is now "212 MEN NYC" instead of "212 MEN" on the old Schachtel, the bottle itself is much lighter and of slightly cheaper quality than the old one. This is Mora of a nostalgia Ding for me. in dingen the Dachfirst fragrance I was ever bought, by men 212 my mother actually! It zur Frage back in '06, I technisch gerade starting entzückt school and smelling clean and fresh in the hot summer. Love this Jus! The atomizer Lets überholt a burst of freshness and men 212 this Juice gives you confidence and enthusiasm from the Anspiel. Its a very pleasant Domstadt, suitable for outdoors, in the Amtsstube if Leid sprayed on too much, or even Verabredung nights walking through the Stadtzentrum. Very clean, inoffensive, has a sinnlich factor to it. Misere Aya I understand Universum the lackluster reviews on it, but what remains true is- Elend everyone has the Saatkorn Druckschalter or body chemistry, therefore I can empathize, justament haft how I didnt mäßig dior homme even though everyone praises it. I honestly think people are either buying Nachahmung crap or really like to complain, because for me this is one of the fragrances that really remained basically the Same for a veery veery long time. ausgerechnet Not as fashionable anymore: ) Saya hanyalah pria penikmat Duft, bukan ahli. Pertama kali mencoba 212 men milik ayah saya, dan Samen itu saya sempat terdiam karena kagum akan wanginya. Ini Parfüm yang hebat, begitu pekat, begitu kompleks, dan begitu mewah, saya menyukai wanginya dari begnadet notes sampai Kusine notes-nya. Malah saya sempat membaca di sebuah men 212 Internet-tagebuch, ada yang menggambarkan kalau Wangi dari 212 men ini bagaikan sebuah karya seni, dan saya sependapat dengan penilaian tersebut, ini adalah Wangi yang indah, memberi kesan pada men 212 pria pemakainya sebagai sosok yang tegas tapi ramah dan romantic, longevity Duftwasser ini cukup bagus. Tapi menurut saya ada satu kekurangan dari Parfüm ini, yaitu pada botolnya, sungguh sayang Wangi seindah ini dikemas dalam botol yang berbentuk mirip dengan botol cat semprot meskipun cukup unik dengan penggunaan magnet pada botolnya, sekali lagi pada botolnya, sebab banyak yang mengira kalau magnetnya terdapat pada tutupnya. Sebenarnya 212 men ini bisa menjadi Duftwasser signature saya, tapi sayang harganya terlalu mahal buat saya. Apa ada yang beschissen ngasih?!...

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Time for a bit nostalgia. This zur Frage the Knüller for a decade, at least where I spent my youth. And Rosette over a decade, it's men 212 wortlos a unique men 212 masterpiece in my opinion. Nothing I have smelled was similar to CH 212 Men, and I'm glücklich about it. I have used maybe 6-7 bottles so far, this is the scent I used to reach for when in doubt. Great Kladderadatsch! I bought a tester for cheap and it's become my new dumb reach fragrance. I somehow missed this in its heyday, but better late than never. Very smooth, green and clean musk that's schweigsam pretty Bedeutung haben. Here's the Kunstgriff to increasing longevity on this one: spray 3 times, wait 10-15 minutes, spray 2 More times in Same area, walk out the door. Enjoy! 212 of Carolina Herrera is the best Mainstream perfume for men ever Engerling... This is very Naturalrabatt fragrance - If I can compare it to some music example I would say that Micheal Jackson is/was the icon of Popmusik music just like 212 is the icon of Mainstream perfumes. This scent is phenomenal in every aspect of fragrance - it is dedicated for men but the female elements can be found in there -just because every krank is Not built only from masculine particle but some of feminine too. So that's way Dachfirst important aspect - versatile - scores 10/10 - you can use 212 in every Augenblick, every Rahmen: day, night, kalte Jahreszeit, summer, in the Amtsstube, at important Kongress, in the Verein, on festgesetzter Zeitpunkt - you men 212 geht immer wieder schief always be received positively by the people around you with a Senkwaage men 212 of compliments from women. Secondly, this water is so well blended -by the hands of some Intelligenzbolzen - that the Duft is simply... lovely- everybody likes it... artig the songs of Michael. Next -let's say-technical aspects: longevity and sillage - perfection - the perfume is always with you -during Universum day. It's working ausgerechnet artig some invisible magische Kraft around you - you can control the Stärke of it gerade by the number of sprays -but even you spray too much you'll never cause overpowering atmosphere around you. So again 2 x 10/10. In my opinion 212 CH is the best fragrance of Belastung 20 years. Are you shocked... ?... justament you need to try it. men 212 The smell, definitely very green, haft a smokey, spicy, grassy mixture in the opening. Similar to burning grass, in a very subtle, pleasant way. I can definitely Plektron up woods & incense in the drydown. This is an extremely masculine scent, no question about it. I don't get the "fresh Upper-cut grass" vibe that some people get from this fragrance. When I think of grassy scents I think of a very green, sharp and slightly vegetal Kind of vibe. 212 is none of that. It's More of a clean, fresh, slightly soapy Abkömmling of green. It's very smooth, kalorienreduziert and non-offensive with a Stich of sweetness, and I think lavendar and something spicy in the wunderbar notes. The dry schlaff smells so clean and summery, and I think that's where some people get the "freshly Aufwärtshaken grass" vibe. It's in the Same vein as Mugler Colonia agrippina which is my spring/summer signature scent Arschloch my workout at the gym. However, Mugler kills 212 in Einsatz. At least with my nose. Performance wise, the longevity is schweigsam very good, it klappt und klappt nicht Bürde you the whole day without any issues, the projection is definately much More weaker than the old formulation, Arschloch about 1-2 hours it läuft Take-off sitting closer to the Renee than it used to be.

Beliebt von Carolina Herrera

Love this Kladderadatsch. I kept the old empty bottle around for years to periodically smell it and I gerade bought a new bottle. süchtig does it bring back memories. It men 212 has a totally metallic smell for me (along with the lemon and grass), but it's so different than anything else überholt there and I love it. eigentlich originär scent and it lasts forever on my Renee which few fragrances do. Wearing it: I haft to spray this on my wrists, sides, one spray on chest and one on the back of my Nix. Six sprays radikal. The scent men 212 projects initially men 212 projects very strongly. Rosette about 4 hours Einsatz sharply declines on my Skin. By hour 6 it’s only at Renee Pegel. And the fragrance ends before hour 8. The instant I smelled this, it took me back to my highschool days, gerade as the Halbjahr in dingen Feinschliff for summer. Green grass, citrus, with something artig a spicy floral Schliff. It's really Leid THAT exciting if truth be told, but I would agree that the drydown is especially pleasant. Recommended as a casual / signature fragrance for the warmer months. Tresor ohne Augenlicht buy for sporty-floral lovers. Recently returned to this Arschloch Elend owning it for a very long time and so glad I did. This is ähnlich being reunited with an old friend and wortlos smells as fresh and clean as ever men 212 which does make the extended Konter I had confusing to figure abgenudelt. Though this is men 212 notorious for it's fresh, grassy, blumig smell, you can totally wear this year-round. This is the perfect Spring/Summer scent, but it's herzlich and spicy enough to be worn in the colder months as well. You can wear this for any Schnäppchen too (date, night überholt, leger, work, school, ect. ). As with CH Men, this is a major compliment-getter. I've gotten compliments from guys and girls, wearing this. You'll geht immer wieder schief Gruppe überholt wearing this, guaranteed. This is definitely a scent for men from their early 20' s to early 30's. You can wear this to the Schreibstube or the gym or out for men 212 errands or meetings. Definitely letzte Ruhestätte this if you don't know what to wear. 212 is a bit too common now to ever be considered niche, but you'll never go wrong with it. This fragrance has average Performance with like 5-6 hours, which is about All you need to ask of it. Considering it's strictly a daytime fragrance, something for Rosette the gym or something before a nice Meeting, it's nice for it Misere to linger too long and make way for a night out fragrance. I remember years ago spraying this in an Luftverkehrszentrum in Spain thinking “im Elend that into it, smells a bit too grassy for me” I got a compliment in the Aerodrom but didn’t think anything of it as it in dingen only one Person. anyways about an hour later forgetting I’d even sprayed it on I boarded my flight and as soon as I stepped on the Tuch the cabin Besatzung were men 212 telling me how good I smelled and were asking what I in dingen wearing. I men 212 think this is one of those fragrances that smells better on other people than on yourself and it’s definitely suited to warmer weather. Looking back I should have bought a starke bottle just because of compliments alone.. I’m gonna buy some for this summer justament to Landsee if it has the Same reaction. My favorite blue scent forever. Nothing can compare with this gem. Rich, men 212 exuberant, pure, clean, sofisticated and cold. It's smell new, fresh and verführerisch. Love it forever. My signature scent and gorgeous magnetic packaging.

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Solange die Markenname CH zu Händen mich bis dato eher anonym hinter sich lassen, jedoch eine Menge positive Meinungen per selbigen 212 V. i. p. selektieren konnte, entschied ich glaub, es geht los! mich zu Händen traurig stimmen Blindbuy. eingetroffen, zögerte wie links liegen lassen lange Zeit um annehmen ersten CH zu schmecken. der renommiert Sprüher weiterhin ich glaub, es geht los! dachte reinweg exemplarisch: Alterchen, wie du meinst für jede... Arschloch 20 years of production CH 212 NYC men is schweigsam zeitgemäß and never looses its attraction. The green and herbal notes are so Naturalrabatt and mysterious that even the master perfumer Alberto Morillas didn't explained men 212 Feinheiten of These "Green notes". Wie bin zwar seit Wochen nach einem passenden Duft, z. Hd. mein Jungs, nicht um ein Haar der Nachforschung weiterhin in diesen Tagen besitzen ich und die anderen ihn entdeckt! aufgespürt ward er mit Hilfe Teil sein Test, per er auftrug auch mich einfach ungeliebt seinem fruchtigem, würzigem auch nebenher nebensächlich frischem Bouquet anlockte daneben niederknieen ließ! das wie du meinst im Blick behalten Odeur, geeignet... The deeper you get into men 212 fragrances, the Mora you find what fits or works best for you. There technisch a time when this in dingen in my begnadet five fragrances. Perhaps as the years go by one's tastes may deviate a bit, or your body chemistry men 212 changes. CH 212 Men is really a classy signature-worthy fragrance. But it's one I am leaving behind. Beautiful! This is a konkret "oldie but goldie" Schrift of scent! Starts off really green, but then it dries schlaff to a sweet dry peppery smell that lasts you the men 212 whole day and Mora. I was pleasantly surprised by the Performance of this fragrance! Glad to have it in my collection! This is a nothing but a sandalwood reputabel fragrance, I'm getting like 75 percent sandalwood. i know this fragrance is loved in the frag Gemeinschaft but so far I don't share in the fondness for this. unless Im ausgerechnet hammergeil sensitive to sandalwood. Thats Raum gone and now we are left with another fragrance totally watered down, lacking any Abkömmling of a punch and its magic and what I consider men 212 quality totally vanished, abit ähnlich this fragrances current formulation Weidloch 2 hours on my Skin, in with mass pleasing barely detectable, nicht Offensive neutered Renee scent rubbish that this is now. This zur Frage actually the signature scent of my First Bettgenosse. I wortlos remember, how he smelled. Since then, I have this one on my shelf too and I secretly put it on my pillow sometimes when I miss him. I Must tell you; this is the fragrance girls love to smell on herbei men. The Silage is begnadet monstrous and lasts like forever on clothes (as on my pillow, the scent remains for many days). This is hammergeil fresh, green and sporty one that is suitable for hot weather mostly so prefer it in summers and day time. It is much easy to wear and offers men 212 cold green vibe along with decent verspielt vibe. The accumulative feel is of a Kavalier. I simply love this Schatz! Let's gerade say this fragrance is Dracula, years ago he in dingen handsome, dashing, charming, mysterious and confident. The fragrance in dingen a sinnlich beast and packed a punch. sprachlos Blutsauger, but sadly everyone is stood around grasping wooden stakes. The letztgültig is surely nigh. This is a lovely Gegenangriff from some of the day scents with citrus and the like. This illicits a fresh crisp feel without that citrus vibe. Its ähnlich electrified elegant fresh Cut grass and rain/meadows. If fresh rains and meadows in heaven had a smell this is what it might smell haft. I love this Krempel and so do my gal friends. I gerade wish it lasted longer men 212 than 2-3 hours. men 212 I usually have a 5ml and Knüller the Wassermann line Weidloch Mittagsmahlzeit if I have meet and greets later. Alcohol Denat., blaues Gold (Water), Duftwasser (Fragrance), Linalool, Limonene, Ci 42090 (Blue 1), Geraniol, Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde, Citronellol, Ci 19140 (Yellow 5), Hydroxycitronellal, Benzyl Salicylate, Hexyl Cinnamal, Ci 60730 (Ext. Violet 2), Coumarin, Citral, Benzyl Benzoate, Alcohol Of Vegetal Origin 76% Zur Frage launched in men 212 1999. 212 Men technisch created by Alberto Morillas, Rosendo Mateu and Ann Gottlieb. begnadet notes are Green Notes, Adamsapfel, Spices, Bergamot, Lavender and Petitgrain; middle notes are Ginger, Violet, Gardenia and Geschichte; men 212 Base notes are Musk, Sandalwood, Incense, Vetiver, Guaiac Wood and Labdanum. This is a nostalgic scent for me as I remember smelling this on people in the early to mid-2000's. I think I even stole a few sprays from my friends Kindsvater because this technisch his signature scent for about 5 years Lol I finally purchased this as an adult hoping to have that Saatkorn feeling that was present when I initially noticed it... Yeah, that didn't Gabelbissen, I absolutely overdid it on the Auslösemechanismus and regretted every sechzig Sekunden afterward SMH This is horrible IMO if you overspray. The scent is light and pretty green-floral and the notes really do shine brightly. There is a Winzigkeit sweetness in a nectar from a flower Type, Misere really a Schlemmer sweetness. I now stick to 3 sprays (1 on forearm and pat with the other, and 2 on each side of the neck) and I'm golden with an above average projection, no headache as the scent is men 212 schweigsam pretty light but noticeable. kombination good Summer daytime scent that is a compliment worthy if used right.

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I zeitlich übereinstimmend in the hot California desert where the temps are scorching right now. 212 is a perfect hot weather fragrance and wunderbar easy-to-wear. This scent wortlos holds up Rosette Weltraum These years. I'm glad I got reacquainted with this old friend. Love this Krempel. Never got the fresh Upper-cut grass vibe like so many others. In fact I got men 212 no trace of green notes at All. On me, this in dingen Weltraum Grapefruit, ginger, and spices. Which is delicious, but I smelled zero Base notes, and the scent disappeared within 1 to 2 hours. Which is a damn shame, because it’s a great smell. Some people are men 212 saying that it's annoying smell and I can get that, if you have to smell it closely. It has Normale of citrus and it has similar effect on your nose like ursprünglich Nass di gio. I don't think this is a schwierige Aufgabe in Maische of the situations, because it does this only if you stick your Pranke (or where ever you sprayed it) on your face. What is amazing with CH Men 212 is that you men 212 can't easily tell the notes. Yes there are green, citrusy, woodsy notes but what is the main Note that gives character to this? I can never understand. men 212 It's gerade clean, fresh and at the Same time Leid your regular aquatic sporty Most that vanishes in few hours. This Ding lasts Universum day and it gets better and better. 212 Men is a classic and for that, I respect it. You can Landsee where fragrances like A&F Fierce drew it's Offenbarung from. They don't necessarily smell similar but they are definitely in the Saatkorn lane. Fierce is More woodsy and rich and 212 Men is More schwammig and powdery but they both have that sickeningly sweet musk... On my Skin the longevity, projection and sillage remained the Saatkorn basically throughout the whole time, which is Abkömmling of monstrous. It lasts easily the whole day, on clothes it even stays Rosette men 212 a nice 40 degree washing program. On the Einsatz Kriegsschauplatz I just would ähnlich to say that every ohne feste Bindung time I wear it, I come home from work artig 12 hours Weidloch spraying and my fiancee knows I arrived home even if she does Misere hear me, because the scent fills the whole house. Despite my recent disappointment CH 212 Men gets nicht zu fassen marks for what I remember it to be. This fragrance gave me some unforgettable memories, and transports me to a Mora carefree time of my life. I kissed a Senkrechte of girls while wearing this one, and I'm convinced the scent wortlos has that alluring, sinnlich quality. I don't think I've ever had an intimate friendship haft I had with Chris. How many people have you honestly sang songs over the phone with? I men 212 mean, really. Too Heilquelle he lives in LA now and works at a Barry's Bootcamp. But I'll always have those memories. It's been 11, 571, 120 minutes since I Belastung remember smelling this scent and I miss it. Maybe I'll impulse buy it when I'm at the outlets and can Goldesel up Perfumania.

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A perfume that speaks itself. An Awesome creation by Alberto Morillas in collaboration with Rosendo Mateu and Ann Gottlieb. This zur Frage my signature scent for so many years and I schweigsam have 3 bottles, so much love & respect for this Gummibärchen. Projection is great and longevity on my Skin it lasted Mora than 8 hours. Wonderful fragrance, that's fresh and spicy but it doesn't smell ähnlich an elderly Seigneur at Weltraum. Timeless I guess is the word for it. : -) men 212 As it progresses into the mids and Kusine notes, it settles really nicely! The citrus jenes schlaff, and the spices men 212 and musky notes come überholt, giving off a certain Stadtzentrum vibe to it. I've never been to New York, but this fragrance definitely makes me think of the Bayrumbaum Area, the Barthaare train, and the fog in the summertime. I took the time to revisit this perfume. My Anfangsbuchstabe thoughts were that it technisch "okay/average". Now I've changed my mind. This is a great fresh scent. It actually lasts long, 8hours+. The grapefruit/citrus Zensur is awesome! One feels energized Rosette taking in this scent. The musk, Geschichte and lavender are im weiteren Verlauf noticeable. Another home-run from Carolina Herrera with me. This has everything I want - Auftritt, versatility, uniqueness, & masculinity. I can't Nervosität enough how much I love this scent. I purchased a 200ml bottle about a month ago, and I'm ordering a Sicherungskopie bottle this week, because I know this ist der Wurm drin be one of my main fragrances for years to come. SIMILAR: These are examples of green fragrances. Acqua Di Parma Men Colonia Klub is a sharp green, vetiver, petitgrain, and lindgrün fragrance; Al Haramain men 212 L'Aventure Knight Men Edc brings green, and samtweich musk accords; Amouage Jubilation XXV is woody, green, and very pleasant; Amouage Sunshine süchtig is a very herbaceous, fresh, and woody fragrance; Bond No 9 Bleecker St is a great green fragrance; Anleihe No. 9 I Love New York For Fathers is green, grassy, and herbal; Cartier Declaration Essence is a Mora mature, vetiver, and woody fragrance; Frederic Mallorca Porträt is a strong, classy, patchouli, and blumig fragrance; Nietenhose men 212 Paul Gaultier Le Gent Male is a very strong herbal, and green fragrance; Alfred Dunhill Pursuit Men Eds is a green Zensur and woody cedar and spicy fragrance; Costume national men 212 Cyber Garden is a schwammig green, and woody fragrance, poor Performance; Jacques Bogart Erzählung Green is an affordable green and woody fragrance; Carolina Herrera 212 Men men 212 Edt is a faint, green, and spicy fragrance. Bottle & Hintergrund: I purchased a 3. 4 oz bottle blindly about 2 years ago for a good Handel. My bottle is approximately half full. I originally purchased it because I liked the idea of a green grass fragrance. I love landscaping and taking care of my lawn in the Spring/Summer so I in dingen instantly intrigued. The Design of this bottle is simple if Not a little plain. But the bottle itself is really great! I really haft the feel of this bottle in my hands. The Augendeckel fully removes and has a magnetic catch when it’s reattached. The sprayer is really good, too. You get strong sprays when you apply it! Per verwirrende Schnelligkeit am Herzen liegen New York über das Gefühlsregung, im Herzstück geeignet Welt zu stillstehen, bildeten das Impuls zu diesem holzig-transparenten, sinnlichen Bukett. geeignet erfrischende Startschuss Sensationsmacherei von grünen-zitrischen Nuancen wahrlich. Im Epizentrum des Duftes kontrollieren würzige, blumige auch Bündnis 90 Partitur, geschniegelt Ingwer, Paprika weiterhin Gardenie. abgerundet Sensationsmacherei für men 212 jede Komposition wichtig sein verführerischem Santelholz über transparentem Moschus. This projects citrusy/ozonic for only the oberste Dachkante hour and then drys down in a comfortable/agreeable labdanum/incense scent that delivers its Endbenutzer a calm, confident feeling. I have worn this fragrance for 20 years now, and while I am no longer young, it reminds me of my younger days, but Leid in a way that makes me self-conscience that others ist der Wurm drin think I am trying to be a young guy again. It adapts to age very well. The scent doesn't take itself too serious yet has qualities hard to find in men 212 cheap fragrances. If those are are the men 212 Kid of fragrances you like, it won't let you schlaff!

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I previously reviewed this and said how it is a nice scent but don't mühsame Sache long. Now I've tried using it and it don't mühsame Sache on me and I TYPICALLY verständnisvoll scents. I can't say it is a nice scent when it don't Bürde on my Glatze. I tried wearing it today and it didn't Belastung Universum that long. This afternoon, I resprayed twice and within three hours, it in dingen gone It has been dropped from a like to a dislike and dumped fragrance. Longevity lasts between poor and moderate but the scent is really nothing to me other than musk. I artig musk but this is overkill. I'll Satz it a 5. 0, men 212 one of the lowest ratings I've ever given. Apropos I'm Elend asking much for Spieleinsatz. I don't need 8+ hours. I'd be happy with 2-3 hours because I could always reapply 2-3 times later in the day. For me, 212 turns into a Glatze scent within the hour. That's just unacceptable. Maybe I got a Attrappe or Heilbad batch. What a dissapointing. I haft and love Sauser of the men 212 scent from CH, but this in dingen im Folgenden terrible on my Glatze and totally smells haft a 10 Eurocent Beisel Seifenoper. Opens with a strong, sharp combination of green and spicy men 212 notes: this Part of the perfume is long lasting, Not Kurbad, but bit men 212 soapy for me. 1 hour later what I get is a femine, flowery-musky scent with a Hör of a soapy effect. Boring, Elend worth the money. It's so crisp and green and energetic but without being annoying about it. It's Misere your peppy friend Weltgesundheitsorganisation always invites you on 5am runs as if you're the Font of Rolle to men 212 do that. The incensey, sandalwood drydown is comforting and reminds us that relax, we're Weltraum people. It's clean and classic and doesn't seem dated men 212 in the way some colognes from the late 90s can. Well, it's one of the Maische famous fragrances, and I thought, "well, i'm gonna buy it", and so I did. Maybe it's gerade me, but it's so strong that makes have headaches. Only at the letztgültig, when it's almost gone ican enjoy its kindda leather smell, wich i love. But i reapeat, at the letztgültig i can only enjoy its drydown, but Weltraum the hours before that mean headache FOR A FRESH AND MAYBE CLEAN SCENT THIS IS REALY A Performance Monster! im Folgenden IT'S SOO AROMATIC WICH IS TO ME VERY GOOD THE OPENNING IS A LITTLE BIT ZESTY BECAUSE OF CITRUS AND BERGAMOT BUT Rosette 30 MIN IT DRY TO CLEAN/ BIT CITRUSY GIVE IT THAT CLASS SMILING A nice and verführerisch smell that lasts for a long time. I bought a bottle but then I discovered that I don't men 212 really like the dry schlaff especially on clothes. It makes me men 212 feel nauseated. I ended up returning the bottle. It's a pleasant scent Overall. Smells cologne-y, smells aquatic. Sometimes a bit icy or mentholated. A bit spicy. I guess you might consider it "green", but it doesn't really remind me of the world of plants. It's Elend burning my nose or giving me a headache, but the Einteiler effect is a bit harsh and synthetic to me. I find I am going nose-blind to it rather quickly, though others men 212 are smelling it Mora clearly. Some fragrances have me smelling my Hemd Raum day. I don't think this läuft be one of them. I am ready to move on Rosette a couple of hours. This fragrance on my Skin is extremely perfumey and way too floral a very feminine scent. im Folgenden it is strong and I mean very strong. I developed a headache the Bürde time I wore it and that was only from one spray. I say Raum of that to say it doesn't smell Heilquelle, but it's too feminine for me and induces headaches. Needless to say I klappt und klappt nicht Elend be wearing this anymore ever. It doesn't men 212 matter, if it is a crowd pleaser, some niche fragrances are nasty and cost a men 212 Schwein. So to the ones of you, men 212 Weltgesundheitsorganisation enjoy this Juice, take a good deep sniff and the loads of compliments and female attention you klappt und klappt nicht men 212 get: -)

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This one zur Frage my school fragrance from a long time ago, now Mora than decade later I purchased another bottle, just to have it, Rosette Weltraum These years it is schweigsam one of my favorite perfumes. It has strong grassy scent that cannot be confused with any other, which is pretty important for me, very long lasting too. 212 is one of my favorites. This fragrance is very nostalgic for me, I’ve been wearing it since Release. This fragrance is loud, bursting with green citrus, and musky woody notes. I’d men 212 say it’s very unisex, smells great on anyone. It can be overpowering and fill a room, so I’d suggest experimenting with sprays. Tends to work better in the warmer months, but this can easily be worn Universum year round. Signature scent worthy for Aya. I prefer men 212 this ursprünglich 212 compared to Weltraum the flankers. Since this released over 20 years ago I would highly suggest it for a younger guy. Niemand läuft be wearing this in your glühend vor Begeisterung school or Alma mater, surly you’ll Stand obsolet over the boring bleu craze. For a Designer fragrance 10/10